Tuesday, 23 October 2018
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C2 A Greyhound  |  PN-USN searching for 3 crew of crashed US Navy Aircraft

NAVAL STATION JOSE ANDRADA, Roxas Blvd, Manila (DWDD) – The Philippine Navy is ready to assist the United States Navy in search and rescue of the 3 remaining crew/passenger of the C2-A Greyhound aircraft that crashed in the Philippine Sea.

According to Philippine Navy Spokesperson Capt. Lued Lincuna, they have placed on stand-by Naval vessels and aircraft if their assistance is needed.

Based on latest report, the US Navy has already rescued 8 of the 11 crew/passenger and has brought them on-board the US Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

As of last night, the US Navy, with the help of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) is still searching for 3 more crew/passenger. The C2-A Greyhound aircraft was on routine transport flight from the Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and was headed for the USS Ronald Reagan which is currently in the Philippine sea as part of an exercise with JMSDF, when it went down 500 nautical miles southeast of Okinawa, Japan.

The C2-A is assigned to the “Providers” of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Three Zero, Detachment Five, forward deployed in NAF Atsugi, Japan. Detachment Five’s mission includes the transport of high-priority cargo, mail, duty passengers and Distinguished Visitors between USS Ronald Reagan and shore bases throughout the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia theaters.

The US Navy is set to conduct an investigation into the incident. AES

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