AFP vows to clear all terrorists in Marawi

gold afp The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has reached parts of the Marawi City which have been held by the Maute Group in the past few days.

AFP Spokesman Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla, states that AFP has entered the Bangolo area and has neutralized 18 rebels and recovered five high-powered firearms bringing the total number of terrorists killed to 31 and lately the recovery of additional firearms bringing the total firearms recovered to 11.

Sixteen civilians who were caught in the middle of the fight were rescued in Brgy. Kilala, yesterday and were provided a safe passage to the areas of their destination and evacuation centers.

However, six more officials were killed bringing the total number to 11 members of the armed forces and 2 members of the Philippine National Police, one of whom was an officer who was assigned in the area and who was brutally killed by way of beheading.

There are also 39 wounded as of 12 midnight last night.

There are certain foreign elements that have been in the country for a long time aiding these terrorists in skills related to terrorism, primarily bomb making. The armed forces are continuously verifying that there have been a number of them who have been killed.

The AFP assures the residents of Marawi that they are not bombing the city and they are only performing surgical air strikes to avoid collateral damage to private property.

As of writing, operations are ongoing and there are still firefights between the government troops and the terrorists in Marawi City however, the objective remains which is to clear the city as soon as possible.

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