Friday, 22 June 2018
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Ombudsman dismisses Samar accountant

The Office of the Ombudsman has ordered the dismissal from the service of Provincial Accountant Romeo Reales of Samar after he was found guilty of Serious Dishonesty for falsifying the payroll of 15 job order employees in 2005. The province released a total of P140, 000.00 as wages for the job order employees despite the presentation of dubious payrolls which appeared to be signed by one individual.
“The Time Book and Payroll for each of the period covered, while showing that wages were paid, the signatures of the job order employees named therein who supposedly received payments appear to be made by one person,” the Decision stated. The Ombudsman added that “the irregularities in these documents are so glaring to be ignored by respondent.”
Reales claimed that “he relied in good faith on the procedure that the DTRs and payrolls passed through several offices and departments before release.”
Junking this defense, the Ombudsman stated that “it is presumed that Reales had control over these documents being the OIC-Provincial Administrator authorized to sign/approve payrolls. Taking advantage of his position, he signed the Time Book and Payroll and the DTRs making it appear that said employees rendered service for the time stated when no evidence was submitted to show that indeed such services were rendered.”
In a case of separation from the service, the penalty shall be converted into a fine equivalent to respondent’s salary for one year.

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