Wednesday, 20 June 2018
Military News

Third Batch of FA-50PH to arrive at Clark Air Base, Wednesday

fa50The third batch of the twelve units of FA-50PH Fighter Aircrafts ordered by the Philippine Air Force (PAF) is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, February 22 in Clark, Pampanga.

Bearing the tail numbers 005 and 006, the said fighter planes are two of the remaining eight to be delivered this year from Korea and are expected to land on Haribon Hangar, Air Force City in Clark Air Base at around eleven o’ clock in the evening.

Air Logistics Command Major General Arnold A. Mancita from Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will be present in the event as the welcoming Commander, accompanied by Commanding General, PAF Lieutenant General Edgar R. Fallorina of AFP as the guest of honor.

According to Air Force Spokesman Col. Antonio Francisco, they have plans to order new bathes of FA-50 after completing the twelve since Korea offered a markdown for further sale transactions, but these are still under the process of deliberation.

Francisco explained that these aircrafts will not only be for a boost in training and skills for supersonic jets in the forthcoming years but also for strengthening the air assets as a “force provider” when unified commanders call for their utilization.

In fact, Francisco told DWDD, the first batches of FA-50s have been used for operations not allowed to be revealed.

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