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PROVE ME WRONG – Sen. Trillanes to Pres. Duterte


trillanesSenator Antonio Trillanes IV once again mocked President Rodrigo Duterte to prove that his 2-Billion peso bank account is non-existent.

On a press conference,  Trillanes said that he will resign as Senator once Duterte had proved that his allegations were wrong by disclosing the latter’s bank transactions to the public.

The senator also reminded that it has been nine months since he first asked the President to debunk his statements.

Trillanes reiterated that since Duterte was hailed as the president, he did not do anything to eradicate corruption thus, he even freed Former-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and he also pointed out the possible release of the Pork Barrel Queen Janet  Lim Napoles.

He even showed some documents to the media which reveals all the bank accounts of Duterte’s family.

Lastly, Trillanes said that it is crucial for Duterte to prove him wrong for the sake of the President’s die-hard supporters who believe that he is pure and not corrupt. – EPJA



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