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200 new soldiers to bring peace and development in Central & Western Visayas

IMG_0069CAMP PERALTA, Jamindan, Capiz – Two hundred (200) newly enlisted soldiers were welcomed by the Army’s 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division led by its commander Maj. Gen. Jon N Aying during the joint enlistment, entrustment of firearms and graduation ceremonies of Candidate Soldiers Classes 410 and 411-2016 held here yesterday February 13, 2017.


The new members of the Spearhead Troopers Division have successfully completed the six (6) month rigid Candidate Soldier Course (CSC) and Jungle Warfare Mountain Operation Course (JWMOC) held at the Division Training School (DTS) in Camp General Macario Peralta Jr., Jamindan, Capiz.


The training that kicked-off last August 1, 2016 aimed to provide the candidate soldiers with the basic knowledge and skills of soldiery, to develop their character worthy to become members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), and to prepare them to perform duties as riflemen and automatic riflemen of the infantry squads.


Gabriel C Cablas,  received the Commander, 3rd Infantry Division Award for graduating Number 1 besting 104 others in Class 410 with a General Point Average of 89.29% in all evaluated subjects both academic and non-academic in the said training.


While Kenneth D Pedrosa, topped the Class 411 besting 94 others. Pedrosa also received the Commander, 3rd Infantry Division Award who garnered a General Point Average of 90.05% in all evaluated subjects both academic and non-academic courses.


In his speech, Maj. Gen. Jon Aying  emphasized to the new soldiers the true meaning of  military professionalism that once you are already a soldier, you have to resist your right to live where you choose to live, to say not anymore what did you choose to say , to dress what you do not choose to dress and it needs but an order to settle them with their families and dislocate their normal lives.IMG_0144


“If you have the right perception in life, faith in God, spotless morality, harmonious relationship with your comrades and the people in the community, whatever you will be doing will be easy” he added.


Maj Gen Aying also reminded the newly enlisted soldiers that the firearms being entrusted to them are the symbol of strength to win the battle and this weapon will serve as the weapons to promote peace and order in their respective fields.


He also thanked the parents, relatives and friends of the new soldiers for the support and congratulated the Division Training School personnel who were responsible for the training of these new breed of soldiers.


The new soldiers will be assigned in the different battalions in Western and Central Visayas and the Negros Island Regions to perform peace and development works in the countryside and likewise add to the unit’s strength in these areas.


The Chief of Staff, 3ID Awards went to Reymar Q Atillano and Joven D Buyco for Graduating Number 2 in Class 410 and Class 411 respectively.


Recipients of the Commandant, 3rd Division Training School Awards were Justine GLariosa and Erwin M Verdadero for graduating Number 3 in Class 410 and Class 411 respectively.


For obtaining the highest rating in Physical Fitness Test throughout the duration of the training, the Physical Proficiency Awards went to Marvin P Licos for Class 410 and Jeorem S Sison for Class 411.


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