Monday, 22 October 2018
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COMMUNITY DEFENSE  |  BPAT encounters ASG in Basilan

UNGKAYA-PUKAN, Basilan (DWDD) – Members of the Baranggay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT) of Barangay Camamboringan, Ungkaya-Pukan, Basilan Prov (UBP) led by Muhammad Asani encountered an undetermined number of armed men believed to be members of the terror group Abu Sayyaf under a certain Abu Darda last Saturday, August 18, 2018c at Sitio Jati.

According to reports, the firefight lasted for about 10 minutes, after which, the enemy withdrew towards the Southwest direction based on their tracks discovered thereat.

The encounter resulted in the death of BPAT member Abraji Imanun Asani and the apprehension of two (2) armed individuals identified as Vilyamin Garamun and Geramun Dahocoh, believed to be affiliated with the group of ASG Sub-Leader Furuji Indama:.

Authorities were able to seize one (1) Carbine and one (1) M1 Garand rifle and ammunitions.

One Platoon of Charlie Company, 74th Infantry “Unbeatable” Battalion together with 5 BPATs of Brgy Simbangon, LCBP conducted strike operations at the boundary of Brgy Simbangon, LC and Brgy Camamboringan, UBP.

Meanwhile, one squad of Bravo Company, 64th Infantry “Knights” Battalion while scouring their blocking position at Bato Larig, Brgy Mahatalang SBP, discovered a temporary harbor site estimated to be occupied for two days. Also found were traces of food and cooking remains and tracks of more or less 15 individuals heading to the north direction. 64IB Knights / 74IB Unbeatable / MCAG

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