Saturday, 20 October 2018
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FAILED TALKS  |  PRRD slams Joma for arrogance

MANILA (DWDD) – President Rodrigo Duterte cited communist leader Jose Maria Sison’s arrogance as a prime reason in the bogging down of the peace talks.

The Chief Executive said that he has tried to talk peace with the communists terrorist group but criticized Sison for his hardline stance against the proposed negotiations in the country and even compared the communist leader with robots for following a “bankrupt ideology.”

But instead of losing hope, the President instead urged the rebels to give up their losing cause rather than continue a worthless war for another 50 years. He also promised to provide the communist with jobs and housing benefits once they surrender.

It can be recalled that the President insisted on some conditions prior to the resumption of the peace talks, including holding the negotiations in the Philippines instead of abroad and they must also agree to a ceasefire and cease the collection of revolutionary taxes on innocent civilians before the revival of the talks. But Sison, however rejected the President’s request and even stated that he would rather talk peace to the country’s next leader and join the ouster moves against Duterte.

After the talks with the CPP-NPA-NDF bogged down, the administration, as supported by security forces, local government officials, and private and non-government organizations, decided to hold localized peace talks with the rebels instead. MCAG

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