Saturday, 20 October 2018
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FREE  |   PNP to distribute Oplan Clean Rider sticker

CAMP RAFAEL CRAME, Quezon City (DWDD) – The leadership of the Philippine National Police has reiterated that the stickers for the Oplan Clean Rider will be given out for free.

According to PNP chief Director General Oscar has called on the public to report to his office any police officer or individuals selling “identification stickers” which is part of the campaign against riding-in-tandem criminals.

PDG Albayalde said that they will be formally launching the “sticker campaign” on Wednesday, August 1.

The sticker will be placed on motorcycles as a sign for police officers manning police checkpoints that the concerned vehicle has already been inspected and the driver’s records had already been uploaded in their database.

The PNP chief also clarified that the placement of the sticker is not mandatory, but motorcycles not bearing the sticker will face stricter inspection with authorities. Those with stickers will just experience a much faster online verification procedure.

The PNP has also assured the public that these stickers will be hard to copy because it is embedded with a QR code which includes the owner’s details and other information and can be easily read through a mobile phone by any law enforcer. AES

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