Sunday, 23 September 2018

PSPG Reiterates Dedication to Duty

PSINSP Leslie Jallorina (center) after her interview at “Ang Inyong Armed Forces program over DWDD KaTropa Radio and AFP Virtual TV aired daily from 4-6PM.

The Philippine National Police Protection and Security Group (PNP PSPG) has emphasized their commitment to their mandate as a unit that ensures the safety of foreign dignitaries, government officials, and private individuals, as well as vital installations.

In an interview yesterday at DWDD AFP Katropa Radio and AFP Virtual TV, PSINP Leslie Jallorina, acting Chief of the Police Community Relations Section of PSPG said that their personnel undergoes special security training where they acquire skills related to their critical responsibility over the people that they are assigned to secure and protect. She added that, personally, her experience serving at the Presidential Security Group (PSG) that provides security to the President and the first family greatly armed her with the required expertise and professionalism necessary in her present assignment.

PSINP Jallorina emphasized that their effectiveness in performing their duty relies on “being alert at all times and never letting our guard down.”

The PSPG has been the unobtrusive force that provided security to important personalities that visited the country during various events including the delegates of beauty pageants and different foreign leaders who participated in the ASEAN Summit. (Anabel T. Lasaten)

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