Wednesday, 26 September 2018
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RESPONSE  |  SND Lorenzana on the latest statement of Sison

There is no need to reply point by point because there is nothing new in his statement. They are all rehash of old cliches that have outlived their usefulness. He has been mouthing those lines in different iterations since the 70s. My words to him? “Come back home Mr Sison and find out for yourself what your country and countrymen have become. Your country has progressed a lot despite your destabilization efforts for the past 49 years. The people have wizened up to the bankruptcy of your so-called revolution. Your army is surrendering in record numbers and are taking advantage of the beneficence of the government, the government you so detest you want to bring it down violently. Or maybe you don’t want to come back because you will be made to account for your sins, like the Plaza Miranda bombing, the mass liquidation of npa cadres on suspicion of being deep penetration agents. Whatever you do Mr Sison you are doomed to irrelevance. You remain in the Netherlands and you will be forgotten because the President has decided with finality that the talks would be held in our country. You come back and you will end up in jail. Sad that a once brilliant revolutionary would end up this way. President Duterte was right when he said, if Sison is really brilliant he would be the president not me.”

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