Sunday, 23 September 2018
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PROUDLY FILIPINO  |  Mrs Philippines Asia Pacific Tourism 2018- Ma Mitzie Go Gil

CAMP GEN EMILIO AGUINALDO, Quezon City (DWDD) – The newly-crowned Mrs Philippines Asia Pacific Tourism 2018 – Ma Mitzie Go Gil paid a visit to DWDD Katropa Radio and Virtual TV.






Mrs Go-Gil, 40 years of age, and a mother of 3 adorable children, considers herself as a person who likes to explore the world through travel since it’s a form of indulgence for her and her husband so they thought of putting up their own travel agency so they can enjoy travelling while working at the same.

She finds enjoyment and fullfilment being an entrepreneur and find it a rewarding career for women like us, since the wonder of technology in return allows us them to be connected while being physically away to perform her career.

Oftentimes, she considers herself as idealistic and tends to get hurt when someone betrays her trust. She prefers to cook rather than eat outside. She was born and raised to show compassion so she really enjoy her active participation in charity works and  considers giving as her true nature.

She considers her three (3) children as her jewel and great inspiration, while his husband is her pillar of strength because he draws inspiration from him.

Despite her pre-occupations, she makes it a point to be a hands-on mother and wife when it comes to their personal needs. Her early years were spent with her grandmother and until now she values the lessons she learned from her which is deeply ingrained in her heart whom she thanks, specially the kindness, guidance and heartfelt love she has shown.

Mrs Go-Gil added that she will never grow tired of helping other because as a child she knows the importance of gratitude and she will always live up to the saying that “to whom much is given much is expected” so she hopes to return all the blessings that God has given her, for she truly believe that we are here for a specific purpose.






From her hometown of Sultan Kudarat, at a tender age of 10, while others were having different views as to the relevance of beauty pageants, she tried her luck and dreamt of becoming a beauty queen. In one of the pageants she joined, there were only three (3) candidates where she was proclaimed as second runner-up to her dismay. From then on she lost interest and thought that beauty pageants wasn’t for her and decided to just focus on earning a degree. But now that she has competed in the Mrs. Asia Pacific Philippines, she hoped that she has brought pride and honor to the country and family.






She considers the tough but soft-hearted Mayor of Davao, Sarah Duterte, as her role model. Most of her college days were spent in Davao where she salutes Mayor Duterte’s will to turn the tide of wickedness to kindness. She considers Mayor Duterte as a perfect example of a women who can lead by example through her tough decision coupled with results oriented management style.







Mrs Go-Gil considers gender equality still as a big challenge facing working women today, since it is being observed but non-existent within remote localities. It is women like her that must create a balance between family and career to show that women are equally competitive. AES / Photos by Mrs Philippines Asia Pacific Toursim 2018  and Kat Ortiz.


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