Wednesday, 26 September 2018
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MEDAL OF VALOR  |  2LT Herbert Dilag

Second Lieutenant Herbert Dilag (28-30 April 2000)

With the launching of the 103rd Brigade’s Oplan “Final Option,” the 1st Scout Ranger Battalion was directed to attack the heavy fortified enemy positions of about 210 fully armed Abu Sayaff Members. 2Lt Dilag led the “Suicide Squads” of the 11th Scout Ranger Company during the third day of the assault of Hill 898, Camp Abdurrajak, Punoh Mohaji, Isabela, Basilan on 28-30 April 2000. Undaunted by threats and unmindful of their own safety, the two squads rushed up the 30 meter 80 degree slope and penetrated the Abu Sayaff’s heavily fortified defenses and carried out an intense bunker battle. Within running stealth, the Rangers secured the northwestern tip of Hill 898 and subsequent clearing of the remaining clusters of the enemy’s positions forcing the Abu Sayaff to withdraw. OACPA / MCAG

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