Friday, 21 September 2018
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MARITIME RESEARCH  |  PRRD leads the send-off of PH scientist to PH Rise

CASIGURAN, Aurora (DWDD) – President Rodrigo Duterte led the send-off of fifty (50) Filipino scientist who will conduct research and studies on the natural resources on the underwater plateau named Philippine Rise.

The Chief Executive led the two (2) day event during the visit to the area capped by the signing of Presidential Proclamation no. 316 s. 2017 or MANA Mo proclamation that aims to heighten the knowledge and consciousness of Filipinos on this archipelagic features and other maritime concerns of the country.

Included in the proclamation is the declaration of September as “Maritime and Archipelagic Nation Awareness month” or “MANA Mo.”

Coinciding with the event is the showcase of different booths from various government agencies like:  OCEANA, DOST, NAMRIA, BFAR, Go-Share, MGB-DENR, ATF-North, PCG, BMB, PCOO, NCWS, and UP MSI exhibiting the different marine resources that can be found in the area like the giant aklobo, basaltic rock and gold nuggets, that proves the richness of the Philippine rise.

Experts also believe that the Philippine Rise is also has “cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts” that might contain expensive minerals, hydrothermal polymetallic sulfides that is used by the aerospace industry; and gas hydrates that is rich in hydrocarbon resource more that all the oil, natural gas and coal resources combined. AES / Photos by Amihan L Sabillo.

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