Saturday, 20 October 2018
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PRESS STATEMENT   |  AFP on the capture of notorious NPA leader in Davao

“The arrest of NPA leader Elizalde Canete @ Jinggoy is a major breakthrough in the effort by the government to preserve human security in the Davao Region area.

With Jinggoy now under government custody with a mounting pile of cases awaiting; and his group in splinters after suffering from a devastating tactical loss before government forces, the people of the region was afforded the assuring prelude of a more dignified and more peaceful living.

Like usual crime suspects, Jinggoy shall be entitled of his rights and be treated humanely in the entire duration of the proceedings starting from his current status as under house arrest. He shall be accorded of his right for the equal protection of laws and the provisions of the due process of law.

While it is true that the breakthrough is in itself a victory of the people, much more effort is needed to finally put terrorists who are still on the loose at bay.

Your army, the 1003rd Raptor Brigade, being at the forefront with all other government agencies, stresses that it will continue in its mandate to be the protector of the people at all times and shall exemplify as a champion in protecting the rights of all persons.

In view of the plight that Jinggoy and his predecessor Kumander Parago has suffered, the unit is again calling upon others who are still chained in the delusion of the “classlless society” to come out in the open, away from the futility and falsity of the promises of the armed struggle.”

  • Brigadier General Ernesto Torres Jr, Commander, 1003rd Infantry #Raptor” Brigade

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