Tuesday, 23 October 2018
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DID YOU KNOW  |  DOTr-MRT3 completes Phase 1 of Train Restoration and Commissioning Program

MANILA (DWDD) – Did you know that the DOTr-MRT3 Successfully completed Phase 1 of their TRAIN RESTORATION AND COMMISSIONING PROGRAM that has raised the operational trains to fifteen (15) that raised the capacity of the Metro train system.


This Monday, April 9, as promised, the MRT management was able to operate fifteen (15) trains in their line. This was after Annual General Maintenance of the whole system that was done by the MRT-3 Maintenance Transition Team (MTT) this Holy Week. As of the latest, MRT has raised to 405,000 passengers capacity of the 15 train with a three (3) car configuration.


From 15, the MRTs goal is to raise it to 20 running trains during peak hours after the entry of the “rehabilitation and maintenance service provider” that was recommended by Japan. At this point, they expect that MRT-3’s capacity would also increase to 540,000 passengers a day.

But despite the reduction of long lines in their stations, twenty (20 trains with three (3) cars is not enough to solve the trains systems problems.

The MRT reached the maximum actual ridership of 622,880 passengers last August 2012. And if we were to use this kind of statistics as our basis, running 20 trains in their system will not be enough.


One of the #MRT3Goals is to raise the number of trains operational from 20 to 25, with a four (4) car configuration during peak hours. If this can be accomplished, the MRT-3 can serve from 700,000 to 900,000 passengers a day. This can now be an assurance that we can say “Goodbye” to very long lines.

Slowly but surely, one-by-one, the MRT management has made its presence felt to the riding public the progress and the continued persistence of the administration to provide convenient, faster and safer rides for the Filipinos. DOTr /  MCAG

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