Sunday, 21 October 2018
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REMINDER | Army Recruitment Management Center

To all the General Public:

This is to inform everyone on the existence of different Facebook pages pretending to be the Official Recruitment Pages of the Recruitment offices under the Army Personnel Management Center (APMC) of the Philippine Army. These bogus facebook pages copied the names, profile pictures, photos and post of the recruitment pages of the Center.

These bogus facebook pages usually post details on the recruitment of the Philippine Army, Philippine Military Academy, Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force and even Philippine Coast Guard pretending to be the official facebook page of the Philippine Army. However, these bogus recruitment pages are also posting slanderous/inappropriate statements in their account carrying the name of Philippine Army. Recently, they posted false AFPSAT schedule in the Visayas and Mindanao area and being shared by legitimate facebook pages and even our own troops creating confusion on the authenticity of the post.

For your information and reference, the following are the Official Recruitment pages of the Center:

Army Recruitment office Luzon Authorized Page
Army Recruitment office- Visayas
Army Recruitment office-Mindanao
Army Recruitment office- Zamboanga


Likewise, below are the Fake Facebook Recruitment Page circulating in the Social Media:

Army Recruitment Office
Army Recruitment Office Luzon
Army Recruitment Office Mindanao


For further inquiries, you may call the Division Public Affairs Office (DPAO) Hotline  Numbers:  09171128088/09177938341. 1DPAO / MCAG

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