Sunday, 23 September 2018
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CAPABILITY ENHANCEMENT  |  PNP 10-Year Modernization Program

CAMP CRAME, Quezon City (DWDD) – The Philippine National Police (PNP) is gearing for the PNP 10 Year Modernization Program.

The Agency’s Capability Enhancement Program (CEP) has put emphasis on the acquisition and upgrading of its move, shoot, communicate and investigate capability which are key assets in boosting the operational as well as administrative readiness of all police units nationwide.

Through the direction of President Rodrigo Duterte, the PNP received funds amounting to P6,487,589,727.53 for the year 2017 for its capability enhancement program. Out of this capital outlay funds, the PNP, through its NHQ Bids and Awards Committee, was able to obtain an absorptive capacity of 98.81% in its procurement of various police equipment. This the result of the agency’s streamlined procurement operations and procedures thus accelerating projects implementation for the year. As of this date, 45,457 assorted equipment were delivered. Some of these equipment were already distributed, ready for distribution to the end-users while others are undergoing test, evaluation and acceptance procedures.


Most of the procured equipment will be issued to police stations and police mobile forces to enhance operational readiness and personal protection during police operations in the campaign against terrorism, illegal drugs and criminality, both in the urban and rural settings. Marawi CPS shall be equipped with the necessary equipment through this procurement. On the other hand, investigative equipment will be issued to investigation units and personnel to enhance investigative and SOCO capability. In addition, ambulances were also acquired to transport PNP personnel between places of treatment and provide medical care to PNP personnel and other patients while in police operations and activities.


Police Deputy Director General Archie Francisco F Gamboa, the Chairman of the NHQ BAC, together with its members, presented the following equipment to Police Director General Ronald M Dela Rosa, the Chief , PNP and the Head of the Procuring Entity.

The PNP has 14 brand new van, 141 brand new light transport vehicle, 323 135cc motorcycles, two brand new mini buses, 26 brand new utility trucks, two forklifts, 743 sub-machine gun, 97 7.62mm light machine gun, 87 VHF lowband tactical transceiver (with accessories), 160 HF/SSB Base Radio, 122 HF/SSB Base Radio Transceiver, 45 explosive detector dog, 427 night vision goggles (monocular), 1,489 Global positioning system, 1,766 Fingerprint kit, two facial recognition system, 18 computer forensic device 180 4×4 personnel carrier, 11 125cc motorcycles, two SOCO vans, five brand new light transport vehicle, 3 4×4 pick-up, five brand new utility trucks, 313 5.56 Basic Assault rifle, 5,470 handheld radio, 104 base radios, 1,018 mobile radios, 81 conventional repeater, 6,883 anti-riot shield, 7,441 anti-riot body armor, 12,424 undershirt vests, six rotary blade/propelled wing unmanned aerial vehicle, 48 explosive detector dogs, three 25 KVA generator set. AES/ALS






















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