Friday, 19 October 2018
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NO WIN SITUATION  |  2 Top NPA Leaders Surrender in South Cotabato

CAMP BGEN AGAAB, Malungon, Sarangani (DWDD) – Deputy Secretary of Far South Mindanao Region (FSMR) of CPP NPA, Noel Minioto Legazpi @Efren together with his wife Jeanalyn Defensor Bendalian @Wendy the medical staff of FSMR surrender to the troops of 27IB on Monday afternoon January 15, 2018.

After realizing that the armed struggle of NPA terrorist is not attainable and the CPP NPA NDF will not win against the government @Efren and @Wendy turned themselves to the folds of law through the help of Governor Daisy Avance Fuentes of South Cotabato, who facilitate their surrender to the troops of 27IB.

Noel Legazpi @Efren is embracing the communist ideology since 1992 when he became an LFS leader. After six years he became a full time member of NPA and rose in the hierarchy of FSMR and became a deputy secretary.

For almost 26 years he was deceived by the false ideology of the left and the movement (CPP-NPA-NDF) deprive him the freedom of democratic government.

“Bisan unsaon namon ka pakipag bato sa gobyerno paagi sa amon nga revolutionary struggle hindi gid namon madaog ang gobyerno, bagkus ang ila nga kampanya nga Development and Security Support Program “Kapayapaan” para sa katawhan sa bukid ay epektibo kag ang pag deliber sang mga social services sa mga baryo ay mabatyagan na sang mga pumoluyo.”

“We can’t over throw the government thru our armed struggle, specially nowadays that the DSSP “Kapayapaan” of the Armed Forces is effective and the delivery of social services of the government is felt by the community in far flung barangays” @Efren Said.

“Ka Efren’s surrender is a proof of the strong credibility being enjoyed by the government” Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Leander 27IB battalion Commander said.
“With our intensive security operations and continuous collaboration to our stakeholders, we can align our efforts in attaining a peaceful and conflict resilient communities with in our area of operation”
Colonel Roberto Ancan 1002 Brigade commander said.

Major General Noel Clement lauded the troops’ accomplishment. “Let us continue to win the peace in this part of the region and focus more on our mandate on serving the people.” Clement said.

“This very significant development only indicates that not only the regular members and the mass supporters of the NPAs are tired of the armed struggle, even their top leaders already realized its futility. This only shows the communism in the area slowly bogs down”. Clement added.

South Cotabato Governor Fuentes assured the duo of the provincial government’s support for them to be able to peacefully reintegrated into the mainstream of society.

The 10th Infantry Division reassured the populace of its commitment on securing the Peace and genuine service to the people. 10DPAO/MCAG

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