Friday, 19 October 2018
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ACCOMPLISHMENT  |  220AW conducted 11,420 Flying Hours in 2017 

BGEN BENITO N EBUEN AIR BASE, Lapu-Lapu City (DWDD) – For Calendar Year 2017, the 220th Airlift Wing has flown a staggering 11,420 flying hours compared to the program of 6,000 flying hours or roughly 190% flying time accomplishment. This substantial increase in the actual flight time was largely brought about by the heavy airlift operations of the Wing such as Troops deployment and reinforcements most particularly in the military campaign in Marawi; AFP and PAF Logistic flights; Humanitarian and Disaster relief missions in the aftermath of typhoon Vinta; support to Fighter Aircraft operations or Territorial Defense operations; Aero-medical evacuation sorties; Maritime Patrols in the West Philippine Sea and Benham Rise; Support to National Development efforts and socio-economic initiatives; Frequent International flight missions most particularly in Guam and Arizona; VVIP/VIP flights including Presidential sorties and the recent holiday sorties. This trend is expected to continue this 2018 and may increase rapidly depending on the various circumstances and military campaigns. Records revealed that the Wing has in fact reached even more than the annual flying time accomplishment in recent years. Thus, the Wing has crossed the 10,000 flying hours mark and accordingly the highest ever recorded than any other time.





One may say that these are just mere numbers. However, keep in mind that behind these numbers are our people – these accomplishments speak highly of the quality of our human resource and the systemic improvements we put in place. Our keen understanding of logistics and maintenance enabled us to push our aircraft to the limits without breaking down.





The Wing’s pilots fly 24/7 to ensure that missions are carried out. Our maintenance personnel work for prompt maintenance operations to keep all the aircraft flying.





Thus, in terms of maintenance activities, a total of 77, 600 man-hours were recorded to complete 3,160 scheduled and unscheduled maintenance inspections. Our logisticians continuously monitor aircraft spares and ensure these are up to date and accurate. Our personnel work on innovative maintenance equipment to enhance our maintenance capabilities. And lastly our diligent staff who labor for the extensive preparation of all administrative and logistical requirements. It’s no doubt that without our hardworking personnel, these sustained flight operations would not have been possible.





Through the years, your airlifters remain committed to its mandate. The faith of our stakeholders in us has made it so. Even the sheer knowledge of support and prayers, your airlifters will ever be stronger to confront the challenges ahead this 2018. 220AW / MCAG

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