Wednesday, 26 September 2018
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COL JESUS VILLAMOR AIRBASE, Pasay City (DWDD) – The Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Communication Electronics and Information System (CEIS), OA-6, of the Philippine Air Force welcomes its newly designated chief, Colonel Samuel M Angot PAF (GSC), in a Change of Office Ceremony held at the New Hall of Flags on January 8, 2018 with the Chief of Air Staff, Major General Antonio Ramon A Lim AFP, as presiding officer.

Prior to his designation, Colonel Angot has long been in the realm of communication and electronics which qualified him more to the position.

He also held various positions when he was still assigned at the Communication Electronics and Information System Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines such as Commandant, Acting Deputy Commander, Technical Working Group Assistant Chairman of the Air Defense Surveillance Radar Project, Instructor Officer, Group Commander Cyberspace Security Group and many more.

The outgoing chief, Lieutenant Colonel John Resner P Jayme PAF (GSC), will serve as the Commander of 950th Communications Electronics and Information Systems Group and at the same time Deputy CEIS of OA-6. PAF PIO / MCAG













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