Friday, 21 September 2018
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AETDC’S Metamorphosis: Cradle and Flight of Transformation

Air Education Training and Doctrine Command (AETDC) plays a crucial role in military development as it serves as a powerful catalyst for change. With the advent of the modern era, continuous development can be seen everywhere. This entails how dynamic things are. Transformation occurs  from time to time. It is a continuous process with the fast trend of modernization which starts from a strong foundation. This strong foundation will start from the continuous transformation through doctrine-based education and training.

Through the years, AETDC, formerly AETC (Air Education Training Command) continues to uphold excellence. It continues to grow to a more improved and literate institution. It develops and spreads its wings and fly higher. It aims to provide quality of education and training. For the past 65 years, AETDC has been marked with numerous accomplishments. Amidst the many challenges that came along the way, AETDC still emerged as an efficient and effective partner in bringing development in the countryside, refining and improving the standards of living of the humanity through the service given by its competent and proficient by-products who play a vital role in attaining Philippine Air Force (PAF) mission and further, in safeguarding peace and security across the country.

AETDC continues to transform and becomes efficient and effective transformers of PAF personnel. It transforms things and people into better and more productive one. It creates simple things into a big one. It changes things into a better perspective. It makes things more relevant. It transforms things that would create an impact to the organization. And most importantly, it educates uniformed men and women with the best quality of education and trains them with utmost proficiency and competency.

With AETDC’s mission: “to educate and train personnel and develop doctrines in support of the PAF mission”, AETDC truly plays a crucial role in achieving PAF mission and subsequently, in the modernization of PAF.

Transformation Process

Gone are the traditional days and welcome to the new era where transformation occurs. AETDC continues to learn new perspectives, craft innovation of the current manuals, build new doctrines and analyze doctrines in order to improve the quality of education and training of PAF personnel.

With its new name AETDC giving birth to highlight on doctrines; it further gives importance to doctrines which greatly enhance the education and training of military men who are the real heroes of the country-the protector of mankind and catalyst in attaining PAF mission.

Doctrine-based education and training are more valuable and beneficial to the AETDC personnel because they follow certain standards. These standards increase the awareness and

knowledge of PAF personnel. They are more organize, efficient, effective and tangible. This necessitates that PAF personnel have to learn things based from doctrines. This allows them to become literate and more knowledgeable with high level of understanding and judgment of things. These relevant and responsive doctrines will allow the PAF personnel to become more professional and competent. The effective and efficient doctrine-based education and training can be attached on knowing what is required for each individual and what is useful to Philippine Air Force.

Continuous improvement in the curriculum development capability to have a more responsive education and training system is deemed necessary to the transformation process.


As time passes by, transformation continues and intensified cycle of education and training doctrine development will be pushed through. As AETDC continues to develop, the doctrine capability should be more responsive in mission accomplishment that allows the heightening of education and training through its enhanced curriculum. If the conduct of education and training will be based from doctrines that are relevant and updated, no doubt transformation will transpire which will greatly improve the Philippine Air Force.

The doctrines which are the bases in education and training are the compilation of things that are generally successful in the past which has been rigidly scrutinized, analyzed and interpreted carefully by the subject matter experts which can be the basis for decision making on future administrators, operational and security challenges in the PAF.

Through the efforts made by AETDC personnel, education and training will be enhanced alongside with the doctrine capability enhancement contributing to a more professional and competent Air Force – the key in attaining a modernized PAF. If doctrines are applied properly in educating and conducting training to AETDC personnel, transformation can be achieved. This will further attain the modernization of the PAF.

It is very clear that AETDC has to enrich and flourish the minds of all the PAF personnel. It has to perform its primary mission “to educate and train personnel and develop doctrines in support of the PAF mission.” With the attainment of this mission comes along with the modernization of the PAF.

If AETDC will be able to clarify, explain, discuss, and conduct doctrine-based education and training to all PAF personnel well, it can be assured that these personnel will be moving in same direction and will fully understand the doctrines well. If these personnel collaborate, work hand in hand and apply what they have learned, transformation can be greatly achieved and modernization in PAF will become very productive and tangible. Little by little, AETDC will undergo metamorphosis and soon, spread its colorful and modernized wings in the PAF. Courtesy of 2Lt Christine Mae N Calima PAF

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