Friday, 21 September 2018
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REGIONAL COOPERATION  |   Trilateral Air Patrol Launched

SUBANG AIR BASE, Malaysia (DWDD) – Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia launched the Trilateral Air Patrol in a simple ceremony, October 12, 2017, at Subang Air Base in Malaysia.

The Trilateral Air Patrol of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines would complement the earlier arrangement for the conduct of the Trilateral Maritime Patrol for the common Area of Maritime Interest among these countries.

The ministers of defense from Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia were present along with their respective Chiefs of Defense and Air Chiefs. Brunei and Singapore also sent their representatives as observers.

The agreement has designated the area of maritime interest that will be the subject of both maritime and air patrols.

It will be carried out from designated staging points. Tarakan for Indonesia, Bongao for the Philippines and Tawau for Malaysia. Each country will take turns leading the mission thru a designated mission commander using the host country air assets.

The Air Patrol will be monitored from a maritime coordinating center. A host country will use their air assets with other nations patrol teams aboard. In order to maximize resources from all sides, it will be one side taking on the task one at a time. AES/ALS

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