Monday, 16 July 2018
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205THW  |  Vampires with Wings

The bright rays of the sun are fading, slowly, everything is enveloped with darkness. My flesh starts to shiver while my heart trembles. I am very careful not to make noise or create a single spark of light because I might be caught by the vampires. They wander in the midst of the night, hunting for prey like me. I am afraid. I don’t want to die just yet. Well, that’s not a typical vampire story. That is how the enemies in Marawi perceive our helicopter pilots and crew who fly at night with very limited visibility and with great risk of safety.


It is not known to everyone that the 205 Tactical Helicopter Wing deploys helicopters even during nighttime to extend support to our ground troops who are fighting so hard day and night even without sleep or food. They have long existed but it was their shining moment to perform the impossible by conducting highly critical and classified flights during the Marawi crisis. Our vampire heroes are the pilots and crew who fly these helicopters. Their mission is to give wide-array of aid to ground troops who are in dire need, especially in Marawi where fighting is non-stop. In separate occasions, they also fly to save people’s lives and give assistance to any sort of emergency not only for the military but also to ordinary people be it Filipino or other race in any given condition.

During the Marawi siege, the vampires played a vital role in assisting our ground troops. They fly at night to evacuate severely wounded troops, ferry back fallen comrades, and transport very important people in the area. They never minded about their personal safety because service and patriotism are always way beyond their fears and worries.




When most of us are sleeping soundly at night, they fly like the eagle and fight like the panther. They are one of a kind because it requires great capability and proficiency to be one. When it is time for us to enjoy the beauty of life in the broad day light, they struggle to take a rest to earn vigor for the next flight. The cries of pain and the surge of blood of the wounded soldiers quench their fears in facing the danger of the night and the wickedness of the enemy. There are moments when they wanted to weep but couldn’t because they needed to stay strong for the people who rely on their ability to bring them back to safety.

Sometimes they cannot be totally hidden by darkness. The buzz of the aircraft’s rotor and the blinking lights make them an easy target. There are times that they are being fired at by the enemies with high powered guns while extricating troops in the war zone or even when they pickup wounded and killed comrades. They try to escape death with all their might to go home alive for all their love ones and for our beloved country who still need their service more than anyone else.



Unlike the real vampires who thirst for blood, our vampire heroes cry deep inside every time they see their peers struggling for breath or worst, dead. This is the very reason why even if there are a lot of


dangers and risks out in the field, they continue to fly and selflessly serve beyond their duty even it entails sacrificing their own lives.

The vampire heroes defy all kinds of odds and uncertainties. They are the epitome of valor and selflessness because they exemplify great courage in rendering their dedicated service to our country and its people. Our vampire pilots and crew are heroes, and definitely they have mighty wings to soar the sky. Courtesy of 2Lt Jancel Sunshine L Bernardez / MCAG  

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