Tuesday, 17 July 2018
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NOT READY  |  LGUs were NOT ready for Maring

HOR COMPLEX, Quezon City (DWDD) – Storm Maring was deceptive; it was only signal number 1, but it brought lots of floods

This was according to 1-Ang Edukasyon partylist Rep. Salvador B Belaro Jr., Assistant Majority Leader, who reiterated that Filipinos should not just focus on the storm winds, but the floods that follows the heavy rains that caused a lot of death and destruction along the path of storms.

This is the reason he filed House Bill 6072 entitled “Rationalized Cancellation and Suspension of Work and School Classes Act of 2017” which factors in flood warnings and rainfall as factors in decision-making on suspension of classes and work, as well as evacuations.

Rwp Belaro has asked his colleagues in the House and over at the Senate to expedite work on HB 6072.

Storm Maring showed that we have not learned our lessons from Ondoy and Yolanda, since Maring had only a Storm Signal No. 1 and when it was at its strongest, it had only top gustiness of 80 kilometers per hour, but it brought a lot of rain.

When flooding is severe, government should suspend not just classes in schools and work in government offices, but also in private workplaces.

HB 6072 lays out the different gradations or levels of severity of factors and the matching responses.

It also seems that because Maring had only a Storm Signal No. 1 label, people did not prepare well for it and were not aware of the rainfall and floods it could bring and the cities, towns, and barangays in its path were clearly not ready.

Something is wrong with the local DRRMCs and he ask, when will we ever learn?

Voters should also stop electing mayors and barangay officials who cannot save or keep their constituents out of dangers brought by storms, other disasters, and emergencies. CONGRESS.MCAG

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