Tuesday, 17 July 2018
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NEUTRALIZED  |  5 Maute ISIS Terrorists killed

CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City (DWDD) – Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff General Eduardo Año expressed his commendations to the troops in Marawi over the confirmed neutralization of five (5) Daesh-inspired Maute members  who opted to continue with their  terrorist ways and refused to heed the call to surrender, be treated humanely,  mend their ways, and live a life of a true believer of Islam.

LTGen Carlito Galvez Jr., Commander of Western Mindanao Command reports to the AFP Chief that two dead bodies of terrorists were recovered with each of their high-powered firearms and a pair of night vision googles after around 30 minutes of fierce firefight by Marines of 62nd Marine Company, Marine Special Operations Group that conducted the assault at wee hours of the morning on or about 0119H of 12 Sept 2017. Other personal effects of the neutralized terrorists were also seized

Meanwhile,   three   of   the   dead   bodies   were   dragged   away   by   their   withdrawing companions before burning the structure to prevent government security forces from recovering the bodies of the dead terrorists.

This development came at the heels of the recent two-and-a-half hour visit of the AFP Chief   to   the   Main   Battle   Area   (MBA)   in   Marawi   on   11   September   2017 accompanying the Commander-in-Chief President Rodrigo Duterte.

The recent developments brought to 660 the total number of neutralized terrorists and  682 firearms  seized  in  the ongoing AFP  operations  to  quell  the   rebellion in Marawi. But this is not without cost to our fighting men.

In the retaking of two buildings in a cluster of structures that used to be terrorist stronghold where 100 hostages where kept and women were forced to marry the terrorists, Captain Rommel  Sandoval, Company Commander of 11 Scout Ranger Company attempted to rescue one of his fatally wounded men hoping to save him.

The soldier died; Captain Sandoval lost his in the process

The AFP Chief then flew in to Camp Siongco in Awang, Maguindanao 12 September 2017 to visit the troops of the 6th Infantry “Kampilan” Division of the Philippine Army.

The  6ID  Commander and the concurrent Commander,   Joint Task   Force  Central, MGen  Arnel  dela   Vega,  gave  Gen  Año   unit   briefing highlighting   the   unit’s  tasks, missions accomplished, and ways ahead.

The   AFP   Chief   expressed   his   deep   satisfaction   over   6ID’s   accomplishments, specifically in contributing immensely to the prevention of the reinforcements coming from Central  Mindanao apart  from the  Division’s  other successful operations that further degraded the terrorist NPA’s threat capability.

“You   have   your   units   deployed   in   Marawi   that   contributes   to   the   overall accomplishments   of   Task   Force   Marawi.   But   more   than   that,   your   vigilant implementation of your Operation Plans ‘Total Defense’ and ‘Iron  Shield’ has thus far effectively prevented the spill-over of terrorists to Cotabato City and other significant locations in your Area Of Responsibility (AOR).”

In his talk to the key Division staff officers, Brigade, and Battalion Commanders in attendance, he stressed his aspiration of addressing insurgency and terrorism, and other security threats simultaneously. After the focus of men and materiel in Marawi, he vowed to turn to the New People’s Army, the Abu Sayyaf, and other supporters and sympathizers. PAO AFP/MCAG

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