Monday, 16 July 2018
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RA 10679  |  Teach Financial Literacy in Schools

MANILA (DWDD) – “Two years have passed since the Youth Entrepreneurship Act was passed into law but there is still no movement in its implementation.”

This was the sentiment of Senator Paolo Bam Aquino, principal sponsor and co-author of Republic Act No. 10679 in the 16th Congress.

According to Aquino, the Department of Education has yet to roll out the law mandating financial literacy and entrepreneurial training in basic education. There is a need to teach young Filipinos about money and savings as soon as possible, because financial literacy and basic training in business can help the next generation overcome poverty.

The law mandates that the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) be promulgated within one hundred twenty (120) days from its effectivity.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Act or R.A. 10679 requires financial literacy to be included in our basic curriculum and encourages young would-be entrepreneurs to establish their own business.

The senator added that this can also help address unemployment as it gives students the know-how to start a business, an alternative to seeking employment.

Sen. Bam also passed the Go Negosyo Act, establishing over 600 Negosyo Centers and counting across the Philippines to help our countrymen build a successful business as a source of livelihood.

The senator is also the principal sponsor of the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act, providing free tuition and miscellaneous fees in public universities and colleges. AES / MCAG

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