Monday, 16 July 2018
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NOT SYNONYMOUS  |  Public-Private Partnership initiative is not Privatization

QUEZON CITY (DWDD) – Public-private partnership and privatization are not synonymous, according to the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

DILG Bureau of Local Government Development Director Anna Liza F. Bonagua made the clarification during a four-day workshop for the regional focal persons of the Public Private Partnership for the People for Local Government Units (LGU P4).

Bonagua said the mindset of LGUs that PPP is leaning towards privatization must be updated because it is a partnership between LGUs and the private sector through a contractual arrangement to deliver infrastructure and social services.

“LGU P4 increases private sector participation in the government project to bridge the gap on the resources of LGUs, adopt private sector ideas for innovation and business models in search of solutions to obstinate development problems in the localities,” she pointed out.

According to Bonagua, LGU P4 furthers President Rodrigo Duterte’s advocacy to promote economic and social development “with the hope that it will play a key role in fast tracking and accelerating public spending to reach the goal of 7% GDP growth.”

On the other hand, Atty. Jesus Doque, an expert and consultant on PPP and one of the resource speakers, said that the partnership between the government and the private sector works because many successful undertakings and projects have sprang out of such venture.

“Ang nagiging concept kasi natin sa PPP ay privatization, it’s not really privatization, siguro yung operation efficiency, but the service itself is not privatized. There is a certain involvement from the private sector, but the gains are mutual,” said Doque.

In the said training titled “Workshop on the Preparation of Guidelines in Monitoring, Validating, Evaluating Public-Private Partnership for the People (PPP) Projects and Documenting Model PPP practices cum Action Planning,” the DILG gathered the Department’s Regional LGU P4 focal persons for a series of workshops and lectures regarding LGU P4.

Participants were indulged on topics such as basic concepts of LGU P4; a hands-on training on the LGU P4 database; workshop on the development of monitoring and evaluation criteria; and documentation of best practices and action planning.

Other resource speakers were PPP Center Executive Deputy Director Eleazar Ricote and Primark representative John Paul Bunag. DILG / MCAG

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