Saturday, 21 July 2018
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ACTION NEEDED  |  DOH must look into ‘mental health’ of Marawi evacuees

MANILA (DWDD) – Sen JV Ejercito has called n the Department of Health (DOH) to act swiftly and attend to the reported “mental health crisis” in evacuation centers temporarily housing residents displaced by the ongoing crisis in Marawi City.

According to Sen Ejercito, the DOH should immediately dispatch a team of mental health experts to the evacuation centers, where cases of mental disorder among the evacuees were suspected.

He added that while he hope this mental health issue is a false alarm, what’s important is that the government look into this matter, provide the necessary medical and counselling intervention to evacuees manifesting disturbance, and provide immediate curative measures.

He ensured that the Senate Health Committee will study the situational report to be provided by mental health experts containing general evaluation of the problem and recommendations would be acted upon urgently and appropriately. SENATE / MCAG

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