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PATH TOWARDS PEACE | Three (3) NPAs Surrenders to 8IB in Impasugong

NPA 3Impasug-ong Bukidnon MapBUKIDNON (DWDD) – Three member of the NPA surrenders to the 8th Infantry Battalion as its Headquarters in Impasugong today.

According to 1LT Erwin P Bugarin, CMO Officer, 8th Infantry Battalion, in the morning of 22 May 2017, three members of the New People’s Army surrendered themselves bringing along with them assorted firearms. Former rebels who previously surrendered facilitated the return of their comrades back to the government by taking initiative in making them understand to choose a peaceful path.

The Philippine Army welcomes all those who embrace the path towards peace and development. This is the product of us working together and helping those who got lost find their way back to their community. Armed Struggle will never be a solution to resolve issues nor will it be a way to achieving just and lasting peace.

By now, growing awareness spreads fast and their members now question the ideals of the organization which they are still a member of. It is never too late to give peace a chance. 8IB CMO / MCAG

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