Thursday, 22 March 2018
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Diplomatic Reception held aboard BRP Andres Bonifacio (FF17)

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Port Klang, Malaysia
The Office of the Philippine Ambassador to Malaysia led by His Excellency J. Eduardo Malaya hosted a diplomatic reception aboard BarkongRepublikangPilipinas BRP Andres Bonifacio (FF17) while docked at the National Hydrographic Center in Port Klang, Malaysia on March 31, 2017.

Ambassador Malaya was joined by his better half Madame Ren Cristina Koa-Malaya, MD. The Guest of Honor (GOH) during the reception was Malaysian Armed Forces Chief of StaffLt Gen Dato’ Abdul Halim bin Hadji Jalal. The Philippine Navy (PN)led by the Head of Contingent, Commo Albert A Mogol AFP, attended the reception.

There were more or less ninety (90)dignitaries from the diplomatic community present during the occasion to include the US Ambassador to Malaysia H.E. (Madam) Kamala ShirinLakhdhirand Ambassador Syed MdHasrinTengkuHussin, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia. Also present were members of the Filipino community in Kuala Lumpur.

From the words of the Lt Gen Abdul Halim, “I was informed that this is your (FF17) first international voyage. As a Malaysian, I am very proud you have chosen Malaysia as your first destination.”

This reception hosted by Ambassador Malaya aimed to stimulate the sense of pride among Filipinos in Malaysia for our Armed Forces and the Filipino nation. It was also a way of soliciting appreciation and support for the PN’s modernization programs.

“To the Philippine Navy delegation, we are truly proud and deeply honored of your presence here in Malaysia. You made us proud as Filipinos”, said Phil Ambassador Malaya.

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