Sunday, 23 September 2018
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Soldiers, police recovers 34 firearms in Sulu

firearmsHeadquarters, WESMINCOM — Task Group Panther (TGP) under MAJ CAUSING supporting the personnel of Omar Municipal Police Station under P/Insp Wanawan while on law enforcement operation (LEO) against a certain Saudi K Hamja and his armed group encountered an estimated 20 lawless elements at  Brgy Capual, Omar, Sulu on morning of March 29. A brief exchange of fires ensued before the enemy scampered towards different directions.
The operation resulted in the arrest of the target personality, neutralization (killed/BC) of another enemy personality and the recovery of the following:
▪️one (1) 60MM mortar;
▪️one (1) cal 50 HMG (with 2 spare barrels);
▪️eight (8) M16 rifles (1 with attached M203);
▪️four (4) M653 (1 with attached M203);
▪️seven (7) M14 rifles;
▪️five (5) Garand rifles;
▪️three (3) Carbine;
▪️two (2) M79 GLs (1 improvised);
▪️one (1) AK47 rifle;
▪️one (1) FN FAL rifle;
▪️one (1) cal 22 rifle (improvised); and,
▪️assorted magazines and ammunitions.
There was no casualty on the operating government troops.
A still unidentified civilian who was reportedly wounded during the firefight was immediately rushed to Luuk District Hospital for medical treatment.
Government troops are still thoroughly scouring and clearing the area.
Earlier, government troops were also encountered in the said barangay while on focused military operations (FMO) against the Kidnap For ransom Group (KFRG/ASG) who have made the area their safe haven and staging areas for kidnapping activities.
Saudi Kahil Hamja is the leader of a lawless group in the area of Brgy Capual. He has a standing warrant of arrest (WOA) for arson and attempted murder. (COL BLASCO-4th CRG, CRSAFP)

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