Saturday, 24 March 2018
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Laviña ‘silently’ exits NIA chairmanship

peterPeter Laviña decided to step out of being the head of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) amidst the corruption rumors linked to him.

But Laviña, President Rodrigo Duterte’s former campaign spokesperson, said that the reason why he left his administrative position is not because he is guilty of the rumors but because he only wanted to spare the president the embarrassment.

He even posted on his personal Facebook account, denying the accusations charged against him: “I have been vilified in the past; my name used, abused and maligned. Recently, there had been efforts to discredit me again. There are rumors circulating that I have asked money from NIA contractors. These are not true!”

“I have neither personal vested interest in it nor ill intent towards NIA and the whole government, which we are trying to reform,” he firmly added.

The Malacañang, on the other hand, understandingly accepted his resignation. In fact, his move, according to presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella, was proactive.

Abella was also the one who read the official statement from the Office of Cabinet Secretary Leoncio “Jun” Evasco which said Palace wishes him well. Abella also clarified that the administration did not fire Laviña in any way.

Laviña thanked the president and his administration for putting his trust on him. He later bode his farewell to his office saying, “I have proven in the past that one need not be in government to do public service or work for the common good. I will likely continue to do so in media, civil society and the business sector where I have been involved before. May the Lord continue to light our paths. God bless us all. This is your water boy, signing off!”

He was appointed as chairman of NIA last November. In the past, he was elected councilor of Davao City while he was serving as a special assistant to then-Mayor Duterte.

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