Tuesday, 23 October 2018
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Villar: Quezon bridge strengthening work completed

Quezon Bridge 2Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark A. Villar said that extensive works to strengthen the superstructure of Quezon Bridge connecting Manila’s districts of Quiapo and Ermita across Pasig River have been completed.

“Following months of construction, we have improved the structural integrity of Quezon Bridge by replacing damaged structural components of the bridge built in 1939 along the Quezon Boulevard Extension,” he said.

“We have enhanced Quezon Bridge safety and efficiency for all motorists by replacing damaged structural steel members including those affected by the April 2014 fire underneath the bridge and by performing sand blasting, installation of carbon fiber, and application of epoxy on deck slab”, added Villar.

DPWH also implemented asphalt overlay, repair and painting work on steel railings, lamp post, pylons, parapet walls, and sidewalks.

“Strengthening of the Quezon bridge was done without entirely closing Quezon Bridge to traffic. Rest assured that DPWH is committed to ensuring the least possible inconvenience as we proceed with the construction of major road and bridge network,” Villar said.

Quezon Bridge was among the oldest bridges in Manila identified as susceptible to damage should a big earthquake occur.

“We are currently retrofitting national roads and bridges throughout the country, including Ayala Bridge, San Juan Bridge, Mac Arthur Bridge, Marcos Bridge, Magallanes Interchange and Osmeña flyover,” Villar said. 

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