Tuesday, 24 April 2018
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Looking Back || Nostalgic Senator Lacson on Korean Businessman Kidnapping- Slay Case

lacsonSenator Panfilo Lacson looked back to some of his experiences as a Philippine Constabulary Lt. Col.who conducted operations for several kidnapping incidents in the country. One of the most prominent kidnapping cases back then was the kidnapping of Robina Gokongwei (daughter of John Gokongwei Jr.) in 1981.

As the investigation on the kidnapping and slay case of Korean Businessman Jee Ick Joo inside Camp Crame which the suspects turn out to be uniformed personnel of the Philippine National Police. Lacson also mentioned Chief PNP, Director General Ronald Dela Rosa and AKG acting director S/Supt. Glenn Dumlao and addressed to them that fighting criminals is not like the movies. He stressed that the successful police operations are always a by-product of painstaking and sleepless nights of systematic and methodical intelligence gathering methods, proper coordination with necessary units, and sound strategic management which also results to endangering their lives as well as those of the police management.

The Senator also expressed disappointment to those people who that the service given by the police are just as the same as the movies where government forces are the protagonists who have to take the shot first, do combat tricks and in the end captures the antagonist. Lastly, he also stressed that it is better to be alive facing filed cases than being killed in an ongoing operation and being talked about by other people about not being able to defend themselves or their colleagues. –CAT

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