Thursday, 21 June 2018
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Government plans new pension scheme for uniformed personnel

pnp afpThe government is planning on a new pension scheme for uniformed personnel to mitigate the costs ofbenefits for retired military and policemen.

According to Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno, that paying for the pension of military personnel from the annual budget is “not sustainable”.
Diokno also added that there will come a time that 70 percent of the budget allotted for the uniformed personnel will go to pe
nsion instead of those in active service.
He also said that the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council agreed that there should be a review of the pension and thus, Diokno said that they will legislate a new plan for them.
Diokno explained that only the new entrants to the service will be covered by the new pension scheme and those paid in the past will continue to be paid the same way.
He also admitted that he had to address the transfer of police pension to Government Service Insurance System since the Constitution states that the Philippine National Police is considered as ‘civilian’. – EPJA

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