Wednesday, 26 September 2018
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Preliminary Rounds || Miss Universe Pre-Pageant, One of the Most Beautiful Nights in the Philippines

Maxine Medina - Photo from Miss Universe Org
Maxine Medina – Photo from Miss Universe Org

The Judges of the Pre-Pageant of Miss Universe 2016 will definitely be in despair in choosing on who will make it to the TOP 12 finalists of the most- awaited 65th Miss Universe Pageant as the preliminary competition took place at MOA Arena, Thursday night.

Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres admitted after the three-hour show that their job as judges on the said event is really difficult. Meanwhile, Real Housewives of Atlanta actress and model Cynthia Bailey had her share of sigh of relief now that her ‘obligation’ as a judge is now over.

The demise of the judges started when they couldn’t find any ‘faults’ in the 86 candidates of the prestigious pageants. The girls walked with finesse, grace and perfection in swimsuit, evening gown and their National costumes.

Maxine Medina, on the other hand, broke barriers and expectations as she twirled her way to the target back-to-back win in the swimsuit competition. She then summoned more applause as she walks like a goddess in her green gown, a masterpiece of Rhett. Lastly, she paid tribute for Vintas as she owned the stage with her hand gestures.

Maxine is obviously one of the crowd favorites together with Miss Thailand, Miss Venezuela, Miss Nicaragua, Miss Brazil and other Asian Bets like Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia.

Last night was just the preliminary round of the said pageant, and yet the Philippines was graced with such beauty and elegance. How much more do the Filipinos have to expect on the Coronation Night on the 30th?

Indeed, it’s one of the most beautiful nights in the Universe. – EPJA

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