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YEAR IN REVIEW | Most talked about 2016 entertainment news

anneerwannIt was one hell of a ride that a lot of things happened this past 12 months in the year 2016. A year full of blooming careers, proposals and engagement of couples who are really awaited by the netizens. Although many positive things take placed on social media there will always be a negative outlook on each side of the story. Here is the list of some entertainment news which really gave an impact to the audiences.

The long wait is over for the member of Manila’s it girls Anne Curtis who finally got her engagement with Erwann Heusaff Last December 18, 2016, during their overseas trip in New York and Connecticut.

Walking in a secluded park, a popped question came from Heusaff who’s in tears while stating the words “I’ve never been sure of anything in my life,” and kneeled down that resulted to Curtis on getting more emotional.

“Je t’aime mon amour (I love you, my love),” Anne said which melted the hearts of netizens who are patiently waiting for them to get married. It was really an amazing trip with mixed emotions for the couple where they uploaded lovely photos on their own Instagram accounts. Try watching their video from youtube titled “New York City Marathon and Connecticut ( the where they started as best friends and ended up as couples and, where they started as best friends and ended up as couples and pronounced as newly weds of 2016.paul-jake-kaye

Another blooming relationshipis Kaye Abad and Paul Jake who tie the knot last 2016 of December. The unexpected encounter of their relationship is quite not easy at first where Abad came from a fresh breakup but through the perseverance of Castillo, it didn’t became a difficulty for him in pursuing Abad’s heart. Also, Kaye wanted to move in the hometown of Castillo after their wedding in Cebu wherein she said that she need to learn the local dialect, Bisaya. She also added her dream of having 3 kids.

Greetings from The vocalist of Parokya Ni Edgar that he is extending his happiness from her ex-girlfriend after their breakup way back in 2009, He also said that he likes Paul Jake Castillo and saw a deep connection between the two.

Another news that shocked the netizens and really made a keyboard war after Ping Medina posted his rants on facebook to its co actor Baron Geisler in an improvised scene in an indie film named “Bubog” where the sequence of the scene is Medina being tied up and gagged, and Giesler’s will remove the tape on his mouth while begging for his life. He also said that after that scene Geisler was supposed to leave but suprisingly he unbuttoned his pants and peed on

The director rushingly went to cut the scene but it was too late and created a tension between the two in which Medina attempted to punch Geisler’s face but unluckily he hit the shipping container’s wall. After that he stated that Baron is no actor for he should be concerned of his co actors for they’re all aiming to finish a beautiful project. Truly the Golden rule of Confucious “Do not do others what you do not want done to yourself” is applicable, wherein most of the directors in today’s films are trying to avoid working with Baron Geisler.

On the other hand is a famous dancer from Mocha Girls, Mocha Uson which she became a columnist in Philippine star that triggered the netizens. She is also the handler of the page of Mocha Uson Blog that caters her advocacies and support to our president Rodrigo Roa Duterte which she was appointed as a social media consultant which a feast occured in twitter and facebook with alot of humorous posts towards her, with some hashtags #DutertePleaseAppointMe and electing Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano as the Secretary of the Department of Energy.

Pero girl! Mukha yatang sumusobra ka na? Talagang umabot ka na sa puntong pati mga bumabangga kay Duterte at sa kanyang admin ay pinagtitripan mo na din. Pati yung iilang natitirang matitinong miyembro ng admin, na nilele-labal mong “DILAWAN”, ay sinisiraan mo at ginagawan mo ng issue” from Janna Cabral who made an open letter to Mocha Uson which she’s triggered about Uson’s accusations to the liberal party. Also, Netizens are always bashing the blogs of Uson with commentaries about fail political analysis from her page.mocha


Meanwhile, on May 2016, a beautiful baby was introduced and suprised the public by Dra. Vicky Belo and Haydhen Kho who secretly kept Scarlet Snow where she undergone a process in which Belo’s egg cell was fertilized by Kho’s sperm in a laboratory dish and the fertilized egg was then implanted in a surrogate mother, who bore Scarlet for 9 months in her womb and shockingly the procedure, cost $200,000. Also, her name was from the bible verse “Come now, let us settle the matter,”says the Lord, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” which is really charming that the netizens find it very unique.

Scarlet also starred with some advertisements and became an endorser in Belo baby products last April 28, being an early child sensation she also have an instagram account with a total of 689,000 followers with alot of adorable videos that she’s making everyday which can really brighten your day.



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