Saturday, 24 June 2017
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DISCOVERED | Suspected Drug Chemical Warehouse Inside Abandoned Chinese Residence

APALIT, Pampanga (DWDD) – Authorities discovered a suspected drug chemical warehouse inside an abandoned Chinese residence located along Sitio Sto Niño, Brgy. San Juan, Apalit, Pampanga, owned by Robert Gan, married and a Chinese National.

metaphetamineAccording to Chief Superintendent Aaron Aquino, the discovery transpired when Enrique M. Calaguas, Sheriff IV of RTC 3rd Judicial Region, Branch 79, City of Malolos, Bulacan affected the Writ of Execution issued by the said court regarding Civil Case No. 720-M-2012 between Feedmix Specialist II Inc. Vs Spouse Robert Ngan Yiu Ting @ Robert Gan and Lolita Gan and Raymond T. Gan.

On the other hand, the implementation of break-open and subsequently the transfer of possession of the subject property to the plaintiff did not immediately materialized since upon breaking the door and able to open it, they saw suspicious chemical items which they believed though with hesitation were related in the manufacturing of illegal drugs, thus, prompting the sheriff to call upon the attention of this office and seek assistance in such a way they may continue the implementation of the said court order.

apalit-pampanga-mapThe Sheriff together with the Chief of Police of Apalit Municipal Police Station and Barangay Officials went to the aforementioned place and discovered chemicals placed in sacks, big cartons, plastic containers, bottles and plastic packs and other apparatus suspected to be materials being used in the manufacturing of illegal drugs.

At that juncture, the Sheriff requested authorities to check/verify those found chemicals if it were components for the manufacture of “shabu”. Then, the COP of Apalit MPS sought the assistance of the Regional Crime Laboratory Office 3 at Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga to conduct scientific processing of those chemicals and identification of small apparatus and materials found inside the suspected drug warehouse.

The following were the confiscated items: a). one (1) sack Sodium Hydroxide (Cautic Soda Flake) b). Five (5) blue gallon of Hydrogen Peroxide c). Three (3) pieces electric motor d). Three (3) boxes of Phosphorous Red. e). eleven (11) sacks of Sodium Hydroxide f). One (1) opened white sack containing Ten (10) packs of white powder with label KBH4 (1kg@) g). Bundles of TLC paper h). Sixteen (16) sacks of rocky solar salts i). One (1) bottle of Phosporous red j). Two (2) pieces stainless vacuum pump k). Ten (10) sacks of Activated Carbon l). One (1) piece Echuang VXIACUUM packaging machine m). One (1) piece manual weighing scale n). One (1) brown cylindrical barrel containing gray pellets o). One (1) green cylindrical steel containing brown powder p). Three (3) boxes with three (3) rectangular stainless pan q). One (1) pc black bag containing fifteen (15) pack of white powder with label KBH4 r). One (1) piece 5 cu. ft. American Home freezer color white s). One (1) piece portable digital weighing scale t). One (1) piece big digital weighing scale u). One (1) red box containing electronic pocket weighing scale v). one (1) piece LPG Tank weighing TW 39.5kg w. one (1) piece 3D gas stove. COP APALIT MPS / MCAG

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