Sunday, 25 June 2017
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AFP Statement on what actions have we taken on the soldiers in the “blue book”


Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, DWDD – Colonel Edgard Arevalo PN (M), Chief Public Affairs Office-Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) issues statement on the actions taken by the AFP on the soldiers included on the blue book or the list of personalities involved in illegal drugs.

Arevalo pointed the following:

  1. We are validating the names that appeared on the list as to their identities, and If they exist, their unit assignments. We have to be very diligent against jumping into hasty conclusion.


  1. In case there are soldiers in the list, we will have them investigated for the circumstances why their names are in that list.


  1. AFP Chief General Ricardo Visaya took the occasion to remind field commanders to be very circumspect in accepting any form of financial assistance or pledges of financial supports in their civil military operations projects with local government executives.

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