Saturday, 24 June 2017
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PAF SOKOL (Tail No. 926) | Chopper Performs Emergency Landing in Puerto Princesa City

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY (DWDD) – A Philippine Air Force (PAF) Sokol helicopter with tail number 926 that was on a mission to conduct a probing flight for the ASEAN Air Chief Justice Summit encountered one engine inoperative malfunction that led the pilot to perform emergency landing on November 8, 2016 around 2:42 to 2:45pm in Sitio Sabang, Palawan, which is approximately 28 nautical miles North of Puerto Princesa City.

1According to the Pilot-in-Command (PIC), 1Lt Gino Glenn D Solano PAF, they landed on a rice field since it was the nearest and safest area, which is away from the population.

However, the rice field’s uneven surface led the aircraft to tilt to the right as it touches down causing damages to its main rotor blades.

All pilots, crew, and passengers are safe and no one was injured in the incident.

The PAF crew includes the following: 1Lt Gino Glenn D Solano PAF (PIC), Major Michael R Yraolo (Co-pilot), Sgt Dunhill R Guanzon (Crew), and A1C Mark Phol T Masangkay (Helicopter Mechanic).

Such incident will immediately undergoes investigation per standard operating procedure. The PAF will have no further comments until such investigation is concluded. ALS / AES / MCAG

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