Saturday, 24 June 2017
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pma-masidlawin-2020-recognition-day-11032016BAGUIO CITY (DWDD) – For those who were minded to know what this day 29 October 2016 means to the Philippine Military Academy “Masidlawin” Class of 2020.

They, the lowest class in the hierarchy of cadet classes (fourth class; plebes; freshmen), have today been “accepted” to the level of a true Cadet in terms of deportment, maturity, soldiery, and other attributes of a future AFP Officer as they received the traditional handshake of recognition; held in time.

The ultimate act of acceptance or of recognition of such metamorphosis is that handshake – the blessed handshake.

These “recognized cadets” can now, among other aspects of their status attained, grow more hair to groom from near skin shave; will no longer have to pass thru the farthest route by “trotting”; speak to their senior cadets in a conversational manner & not by replying on top of their lungs; and are expected to excel in everything– including tactics and academics– now that all their restrictions were lifted.

Anyone who has experienced this “magic” would like, share, and say, “This not your kind of Recognition Day.” Photo by SN1 Viluan / PAOAFP; Caption by Col Arevalo / MCAG

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