Sunday, 25 June 2017
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SANCTIONS | Cops Found Positive on Drug Use

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File Photo

MANILA (DWDD) – A total of 167 police personnel is facing termination from the service after confirmatory result of their drug test turned up positive.

According to Philippine National Police (PNP) Crime Laboratory Director C Supt Aurelio Trampe, summary hearings have already been conducted on the affected personnel while some are still undergoing the pre-charge investigation where evidences are still being gathered.

Trampe stressed that police personnel found positive in using banned substance and/or illegal drugs will have a hard time getting off the hook and usually ends up being dismissed.

Of the 167 police personnel found gulty of drug abuse , the highest ranking is a Senior Inspector.

A total of 159,000 police personnel have already underwent mandatory drug testing all throughout the country.

Trampe added that all PNP personnel is obligated to undergo drug testing as part of their cleansing process, since the national government has already set aside funds and the initiative for this endeavour. ALS / AES / MCAG

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