Saturday, 24 June 2017
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Matt LeBlanc is not Joey Tribbiani anymore

Is ‘Daddy’ Fun Times really having fun?

Matt LeBlanc’s new role is quite a little far from what viewers have seen on Friends, and it will be seen as his new show starts airing on their new home, RTL CBS Entertainment.

LeBlanc’s new show Man With A Plan is set to premiere on Friday, October 28. His new role in is a seeming departure from Joey Tribbiani’s womanizing as his equally hilarious role in Man With A Plan looks into the challenges that fatherhood pose.


He plays the role of Adam Burns, a contractor who finds himself becoming a super dad as he took care of his three kids when his wife, a stay-at-home Mom for 13 years goes back to work. While Adam wanted to call himself “Daddy Fun Times,” he discovers that parenthood is not always a smooth and easy ride.

As Adam gets to perform his new role as head of the household, he finds himself dealing with his kids’ internet addiction, untidiness, and the need for their wishes to be constantly indulged.

Among Adam’s misadventures is only having Listerine strips to offer when his kids look for snacks while on the way to school. Adam also forgets a universal sentiment among kids – that cleaning up and doing chores is no fun.

Adam also offers up some timeless fatherly advice. After his youngest daughter tells him that kindergarten frightens her, Adam says: “Honey, you should be worried – kids are mean. But just know, if you ever feel uncomfortable, just start swingin’ – a punch in the nose could be a real problem solver.”

Faced with these mounting pressures, can Adam really be the great father that his wife expects him to be?

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