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NAVAL AIR GROUP | Safeguarding the nation


To organize, train, equip and maintain assets for air operations that is the mission of the Naval Air Group, Philippine Navy. It was manned by the most competent and abled workforce of officers and enlisted personnel with naval aviation skills and specialization like pilots, aircraft maintenance, and technicians. It is lead and commanded by Commander Naval Air Group (CNAG) assisted by his deputy commander, chief of staff, three special staffs and seven regular staffs.

Aside from the regular squadrons which are MF-30, MH-40, NATS-50, and GSS, the Naval Air Group Organization has activated the Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Squadron (AIMS) bringing the total number of squadrons under the group of five with five naval air unit strategically located all over the country. This Naval Air Units are the Naval Air Unit Northern Luzon located in Poro Point in San Fernando, La Union, the Naval Air Unit Sothern Luzon in Legaspi City, Naval Air Unit West in Puerto Princesa Palawan, Naval Air Unit Central in Cebu, Naval Air Unit Eastern Mindanao in Davao and Naval Air Unit Western Mindanao in Zamboanga City while there are 6 BNIs, 4 Cessna, 5 AW109E, and 2 R22BII aircraft inventory.

Naval Air Group has numerous capabilities and can perform different tasks. In Maritime Air Surveillance, they observe closely any moving or static target whether a photo or a video coverage through the Naval Aircraft. In Search and Rescue, they locate and aid persons in distress condition or in danger. In a medical evacuation, they transport the patient from an isolated area to a medical facility where then can give treatment to the person in need. Naval Air Patrol catches and stops hostile enemy forces from entering our land. When it comes to Parajump operations, troops are for aerial disembarkation for deployment or in the performance of combat missions. In Airdrop Operations, they resupply of ground units through Navy Aircraft dropping provisions while airborne is at a safe altitude. In Insertion and Extraction operations, in a hostile environment a rapid deployment and recovery of the operating troops to perform special operations. While in Pilots and Crew Training conducts aviation course for officers and aircraft crew for enlisted personnel.

Aside from operational flights, they also have Christening, Commissioning, and Maiden Flight of NHT423 and Awarding of Honorary Naval Command Aviator’s Badge to CPF. In view of the arrival of the new R22 BII trainer helicopter, the said aircraft will be Christened and Commissioned in the service of PN. After the ceremonies, a maiden flight could be conducted jibe orientation flight of CPF. After which, there will be a simple awarding of Honorary Naval Command Aviator’s Badge to CPF aboard Aviator’s Lounge.

A bloodletting activity for the benefit of PNRC and other medical institutions was conducted by NATS50 in coordination with the PF Medical Group and CNH last September 16, 2016, aboard Hangar Nr 1.

Dubbed as the “Clash of Squadrons”, the Inter-Squadron Sports fest was organized by AIMS which will be administered by the different personnel of NAG squadrons. The formal opening ceremony was held last September 6, 2016, with basketball matches to jumpstart the series of games. The event ended last September 26, as the participants played series of fun games by mere brute force and native talents.

There was also a movie block screening for the benefit of PWDs and drug dependent (both minors) in coordination with the administration of a mall-based cinema held last September 28, 2016.

This September 30 and October 8, 2016, respectively, the GSS will be organizing outreach programs for the benefits of the drug dependent and PWD minors entitled as “Care to Watch; Watch to Care”.

On the other hand, an Aviator’s Night, a traditional night for all naval aviators and maintenance officers of NAG giving honors to exceptional achievements of fellow naval aviator for the year will be held on October 8, 2016, as the proposed date. Honorees will be determined by the UPR who will also supervise the conduct of the said activity and will determine a pool of aviators who will roast the honorees.

While on October 8, 2016, in view of NAG’s Foundation Day, there will be a Thanksgiving Mass followed by the blessing of NAG Female Barrack Extension. It will be followed by NAG Family Day to hand-over the equipment and donations to drug-dependents and PWD beneficiaries and also the awarding of deserving NAG personnel and stakeholders. It will be coupled by series of merriment activities and festivities such as a hot-air balloon, aircraft low-opener pass and different booths and static displays.

In the future, we can expect from the Naval Air Group are the fixed wings TC90 Acquisition, ASW Fixed Wing Aircraft, FW Trainer Aircraft, BI EO/IR installation. Also rotary wings ASW Helicopter, Medium Lift Helicopter and Trainer Helicopter.

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